Nixon History


1st cousin of
George Nixon,
Richard Milhous Nixon's
great grandfather


and Guy

My Nixon history is a work in progress. The first Nixon that we can confirm his identity is James Nixon who came from Ireland and purchased land in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle county, in the colony of Delaware on April 3, 1731. That day he bought a hundred acres of land from Joseph and Mary Cox close to what is now Wilmington. James prospered and acquired several hundred acres on which he built a big stone house to raise his sons and daughters.

As far as we know, he married Mary. His children were: George, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Jean and James.

Upon his death in June 1775, he left part of his estate to George, one of his sons. George (my ancestor) became a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War and he married Sara Seeds August 17, 1775, Holy Trinity Church, (Old Swedes) Wilmington, Delaware. They had a number of children of which were: George Jr., (great great grandfather of Richard Milhous Nixon) Seeds, Sarah and Francis (my ancestor). Francis was married to Ann Kennedy on August 26, 1817, Washington County, PA.

In the spring of 1830 George Sr., Seeds and his family and Francis and his wife Ann and children, now living in Pennsylvania, sold their property and moved along with their families to Clinton Co., Ohio. (Seeds Nixon stayed in Ohio.) The first four children were born in Pennsylvania, the last four children, including Harrison Brown Nixon (My G.G. Grandfather) born October 18, 1836, were born in Ohio.


I found the following in the 1840 Ohio Census, January 26, 2004:

Nixon, Francis    Home in 1840:   Washington, Clinton, OH

County: Clinton    State: Ohio    Year: 1840    Roll: M704_385    Page: 380    Image: 177


They lived there until the spring of 1841 when George Sr., Francis and Francis' family sold their land and moved to Henry County, Illinois. Francis died in 1842, just before the authorities of the Ohio court could find him for selling some property that he did not have a title to.

George was 90 when he also died in 1842. We know that George was buried at Glennwood Cemetery, Colona Twp, in Henry County, IL next to his son Francis. In 1925 two Great Granddaughters from Freeport, Illinois found the grave once again. Then the Henry county chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution (D.A.R) donated a plaque to be placed on a boulder next to George Senior's grave commemorating Lieutenant George Nixon's service in the Revolutionary War.


Monument inscription:
NIXON, George -- Near here lies George Nixon, a soldier of the Revolution. Born 1752, Newcastle Co., De. Died 1842, Henry Co., IL. Ensign Dec. 10, 1776 - Mar. 16, 1777 and Aug. 25, 1777 - Oct. 6, 1777. Captain Evan's Co. of Col. Duff's Delaware regt. In both Battles of Trenton and Battles of Princeton and Brandywine. Lieutenant Oct. 15, 1777 - July 15, 1778. Captain McKee's Delaware Spy Co. Preventing Tory aid to British. Erected to this Patriot and Pioneer by Henry County and dedicated by the DAR 1925. Lieutenant Nixon was with George Washington at Valley Forge.

This is outlined in the book: THE NIXONS An American Family by Edwin P. Hoyt, now out of print but used copies are available online at Barnes Noble.


In 1850, I find Ann in the Census:

Nixon, Ann    Year: 1850    County: Rock Island    Township: 37Th District    State: Illinois    Roll: M432_126    Page: 232    Image: 98
By now, we have children listed with ages.
Ann Nixon(age 41 or 44) is head of the household and is living in Rock Island County, Illinois (adjacent to Henry Co.) with her 6 children: James (24), Francis(21), John (19), Sarah J(17), Harrison B. (15) and Ezra W.(13).


In the 1860 Iowa Census of Buchanan County, Iowa, I find:
County: Buchanan   Location: Perry Township   Page #: 683
Harrison B. Nixon was 24 years old and his occupation was listed as farmer. People listed living with H. B. Nixon were Ann Fhank (?) 56 year old female born in Pa, John Nixon 28 year old male, occupation farmer, born in Ohio, (C)Fidelia Nixon 22 year old female born in Ill. and Ida Vandickle (?) 2 year old female born in Iowa. John Nixon is listed as owning real estate and having a net worth.


Harrison married Mary Louisa Craiger on March 12, 1863, Cedar Falls, Blackhawk County, Iowa


In the Iowa Census 1870 I find Harrison again:
County: Black Hawk   Location: 2 W. Cedar Falls   Page #: 385
Harrison B. Nixon was born in Ohio, he was 33 years old and a day laborer. He was also a citizen of the U. S. Louisa Nixon, his wife, was born in Indiana, she was 25 years old and was a house keeper. They had two children at that time, Francis (Frank) M. who was 6 years old and Albert Grant who was 1 year old. Christina Emerson was living with them, she was 65 years old and a house keeper. She was born in Virginia and her mother and father are checked off as being of foreign birth. Albert Craiger was also living with them (perhaps brother to Louisa) he was 23 years old and a day laborer. He was born in Indiana and a citizen of the U. S.


In son William Nixon's obit: His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Nixon, moved to Dade county, Missouri from Iowa. (I have not substantiated this)


Now on to Kansas!
Kansas Census 1880   (Notes from soundex N250)
County: McPherson   Location: South Sharp's Creek Twp.   Vol. 11, E.D. 258, Sheet 13, Line 9
Harrison B. Nixon was born in Ohio, he was 44 years old. Mary L., his wife was 35 and states that she was born in Penna. They had 5 children living with them, Francis M., 16, Albert 11, William 6, George 4, all born in Iowa and May 1 month old born in Kansas. Christine Emerson, 70, was living with them and she is listed as being the M. L. (mother-in-law) born in Penna.


Edwards Historical Atlas of McPherson County, Kansas, 1884: Harrison B. Nixon: South Sharp's Creek, 240 acres, Laura was the Post Office, Section 18, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Nativity was Ohio and settled in the County in 1875.


Kansas Census 1900
(Notes from soundex N250)
County: McPherson   Location: South Sharp's Creek Twp.
Vol. 31, E.D. 138, Sheet 5, Line 54
Harrison B. Nixon was born in Ohio, he was 63 years old. Louisa, his wife was 56 and states that she was born in Indiana. They had 2 children living with them, George 25, born in Iowa and Sidney 18, born in Kansas.


Per Elsie May Nixon, daughter of Albert: "Uncle George and Uncle Sid Nixon helped with the bldg of our house and after we were moved in they started a house on Uncle George's claim, just north of papa's place. Uncle Sid's place was north of Uncle Georges's claim and Uncle Willie's was just east of Uncle Sid's. Then Grandpa and Grandma Nixon settled in the same neighborhood.


Nixon Family, front row (l to r ) is Harrison Brown Nixon, youngest son Sidney Nixon, Mary Louisa Nixon and oldest son Frank Nixon back row is (l to r) Willie Nixon, Della May Nixon Cox, Albert Nixon and George Nixon.

Mary Louisa Nixon and Harrison Brown Nixon


Death Notice from Chenoweth-Tromblee Undertaking Company: February 24, 1920 Harrison Nixon - Born in Ohio, father was born in Canada (?) and he was a member of the Nazerine Church. He was a farmer and had lived in Oklahoma for 20 years. He was buried in the Nixon Cemetery in Woods County, just N.E. of Woodward Co. Many Nixons are buried there at Salt Springs.


May 13, 1998
Kay Bell, Director
Woodward County Library
Woodward, OK

In reply to an inquiry:
There is a Nixon Cemetery in Woods County (just NE of Woodward Co.) Many Nixons are buried there at Salt Springs.

Harry Nixon 1836 - 1919 (Nixon Plot #34) with Frank M. Nixon & Della M. Cox
Albert G. Nixon 1868- 4/22/61 (Nixon Plot #59) with Mary E. Nixon 1878 - 1918 (Nixon Plot #58)
Frank M. Nixon 1864 -1915 (Nixon Plot #34)
Lesta Pearl Nixon 1/19/17 - 1/23/17
The Old Nixon Cemetery is located in Woodward Co., about 1 mile from the Harper Co. line and about 10 miles SW of Freedom, OK,. (which is in Woods County) Formerly part of the "Cherokee Strip".


Nixon Cemetery Gate, Freedom, OK - Ed and Carol Evans (descendant) took the next four pictures on a trip to Oklahoma. The cemetery and surrounding area is pretty deserted.

Nixon gravestone, Freedom, OK

Nixon gravestone and surrounding area, Freedom, OK

Where the Nixon children went to school.


Have copy of Harrisons' death certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, from descendant Carol Evans, 1999.


June 29, 1982 from my cousin, Glen Cox, Wichita, KS:
"In August 1899 Ira married Della Nixon. They traveled by wagon to homestead in Cherokee Strip, about 10 miles west of Freedom, OK. They built and lived in a sod house with a dirt floor and got their water from their own hand-dug well."


Della Nixon Cox and Ira Cox
(Della was 2nd cousin to Samuel Brady Nixon, Richard Milhous Nixon's grandfather)

Marriage License of Della Nixon and Ira Cox. I received certified copy in June 1999.

"On Sept. 7th 1900 their only child, son Guy Richard was born in the sod house. In May 1901, your great grandmother Della passed away following a short illness. Her grave is in the Old Nixon Cemetery west of their homestead and has a nice stone marker by the side of her brother, Frank. After this, Ira brought his son back to the old Ks. 80 (Little River, KS) where his mother was living, and about 4 1/2 years later, married my mother Florence Downing."

Ira Cox and son Guy Cox, with mother Mary Ann Pate Cox and Ira's sisters.


Census of 1910 13th of May, So Sharps Creek McPherson Co.
Cox, Ira    29 General Farming
Florence    26  (2nd wife)
Ida    dau 9/12 mo.
Richard    son 9

1943-Guy Cox in back row 2nd from rt.,
children Audree is middle back,
Nadine (my mom) is child to the rt.
February 17, 1956, Wedding of Bill Deardorff and Nadine Cox
Regina Stevens Deardorff on the left, Adell Zumack Cox on the right

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