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Many individuals and organizations have helped Michael along the way, by ordering paintings and notecards, which help pay for art supplies and allow Michael to keep painting every day. The Kotlinski family at Love and Learning first gave Michael the possibilities of The Internet. They gave him space on their website, a computer of his own, and a year on the internet. Michael is very excited about learning how to use the computer, sending emails, and corresponding with other artists. Because of the generosity of Love And Learning, Michael is able to share his art with many more people. Love and Learning helps special needs children develop vocabulary and learn speech and reading skills at an early age, with video tapes, audio tapes, books and computer programs. There is even a CD available that teaches young children how to use the computer and has some of Michael's images in a reading puzzle game.

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Michael Jurogue Johnson loves to paint every day. He uses watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints in a cheerful, naive style.

For Sale sign "Golden Tunnel"
 Golden Tunnel
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His subjects are often flowers painted with bright colors and playful animals with expressive faces. Even Michael's night scenes are filled with energy, light and color.

#836 "Moonsong 35"

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Michael has been painting fulltime for nine years. This gifted artist was born with Down syndrome, but he was also born with an inherited artistic talent. His family tree is filled with artists, engineers, and classical musicians.

Michael painting "Cat Garden 13"

When he graduated from public school at the age of 21, Michael decided to become a fulltime artist, rather than working in a sheltered workshop. Michael learned how to paint by painting every day, building on what he had learned in school, and experimenting.

"Cat Garden 13"

Cat Garden 13

Michael works in an art studio. He paints very slowly and carefully. Sometimes Michael paints flowers from still lifes and adds animals.

For Sale sign "Victorian House Portrait"

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Other times Michael paints things he has seen on his walks near the shores of Lake Michigan: the animals in his urban neighborhood, the carriage horses in Chicago, and colorful butterflies amid the flower gardens of Evanston.

Animals Art Poster

Michael Johnson also works in the cottage industry that has grown from his talent. He enjoys painting children and pets by
commission, writing letters to his customers, assembling notecard orders, packing and shipping catalogs and paintings, and designing notecards. Michael has illustrated two children's picture books and is planning to do more. "Sparky's Party", written by Maria Kotlinski, a talented teenager with Down syndrome, and"A Boy Who Liked Color", which is authored and illustrated by Michael.   Please click on the highlighted titles for more information.

His paintings may be viewed at The Adult Down Syndrome Center of Lutheran General Hospital and at TOPS in Malibu, California.

"Self Portrait"
{Michael's self-portrait}

How Michael learned to Paint


Michaelís color catalog has 74 pages and pictures of 100 or more paintings that are for sale (prices start at $30). It tells the story of Michael and his art and gives details about individual paintings and how he learned to paint.

Michaelís catalog sells for $70.

For Sale sign #479 "Music 1"
{Music 1}

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"Kodi", a commissioned pet portrait
More commissions


"Kids and Pets 4"
Kids and Pets 4

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You can get more information about Michael's paintings, and find out how to purchase them by contacting
Michael Johnson:

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823 Elmwood Ave. #2
Evanston, Illinois 60202-4353

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*Michael has been on the cover of "DS League Lines", the quarterly newsletter for the DS League of the Greater Bay Area (San Francisco, CA.)

*He was highlighted as the Cover Story for the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) "News & Views" magazine.

*He has been a speaker and an exhibitor at the NDSS and the NDSC (National Down Syndrome Congress) National Conventions.

*He has shown his artwork at the 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002 NADS Conference. (National Association for Down Syndrome)

*Michael/s painting was chosen as the winning poster design for "Pets Make The Difference" a contest sponsored by The American Veterinary Medical Association for Pet Week in 2003.

* In September of 2000 Michael was featured in the "Artist Spotlight" of Art Calendar Magazine.

*On January 12, 2002 Michael exhibited in the "Celebration of Abilities" event about Down syndrome in Chattanooga, Tennessee with other exhibitors, Mitchell Levitz, Jason Kingsley, Raymond Hu and Pascal Duquenne.

*Michael has the cover story in the January 2003 issue of the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.

*July 10 thru August 2, "2003 Extraordinary Art, Exceptional Artists" juried art exhibit at The Art Center School & Galleries in Mechanicsburg, PA.

*September 4, 2003 Rieger Hotel Kansas City , MO juried art exhibit at The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City.

*September 18-20, 2003 "Art Of Triumph" juried art exhibit at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ.

*Nov,16, 2003-Jan. 14, 2004 "Art Ability" juried art exhibition at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Malvern, PA

*"Kwetu In The City" was the cover of The Rhodesian Ridgeback Quarterly, Winter 2003-04.

*April 2007 -Michael received a Voice award from NDSS and DSALA. The Voice awards are given to individuals born with Down syndrome who have expressed their voices to the general public. They are honoring Michael because he "reached out to the community and had his voice heard through his dedication to the visual arts."

*October and November 2007 - Art exhibit at the East Meadow Public Library, Long Island, New York.

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