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Crochet Designs

©2003 Susan M. Whitlock

All rights reserved.

Here are some pictures of some of my crochet designs (these are only a few of my designs). Look at the bottom of this page to view pictures of my freeform crochet necklaces. Please let me know if you think you would be interested in any of these designs.

You can contact me at...

Susan M. Whitlock, P.O. Box 329, Standish, CA 96128-0329

or by e-mail...


Prices are listed below for each pattern, plus there will be a shipping and handling charge.

Shipping and handling in the USA will be $4.50, foreign orders will be $9.50.

Please include your name & address. Plus e-mail address. State which patterns you want. Send along with payment for each pattern or pattern set. All payments are to be made in US funds ... money orders only (at this time).

I have added a very simple order form. You can print it off. Then check which items you want and how many. I hope this will make ordering easier.

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large crocheted seahorse
small crocheted seahorse

Large Seahorse Applique--

Price per pattern $3.50

Small Seahorse Applique--

Price per pattern $3.50

crocheted angel fish with bubbles
mask and fan appliques

Large Angel Fish Applique with bubbles--

Price per pattern $3.50

Mask and Fan Applique's--

Price per pattern $3.50

crocheted frog button pet
crocheted turtle button pet

Frog Button Pet--

Price per pattern $2.50

Turtle Button Pet--

Price per pattern $2.50

tiny crocheted turtle
tiny crocheted sand dollars

Turtle/Turtle Button Pet--

The turtle & turtle button pet are in the same pattern.


Tiny Sand Dollars--

Price per pattern $2.50

crocheted hummingbirds
tiny crocheted starfish

Hummingbirds to use as plant pokes or for mobiles--

Price per pattern $4.50

Tiny Starfish--

Price per pattern $2.50

crocheted dolphins
crocheted seashell applique


Price per pattern $3.50

Conch Seashell Applique--

Price per pattern $2.50

tiny crocheted seashells and snail
earrings made with some of the crocheted sealife patterns

Tiny seashells and snail--

Price per pattern set $3.50

Earrings (starfish and sand dollar pattern)

Example of how to use the different patterns.

mask and fan wall decorations
pineapple wall fan

Mask and Fan Wall Decorations--

Price per pattern set $5.50

Fan Wall Decoration Only--

Price per pattern $3.50

sealife mobile with chimes
crocheted sealife pin

Sealife Mobile with Chimes

This is only an example of what can be done with the different patterns I have for sale.

(The starfish, seahorse, dolphin & tiny angel fish patterns were used. Plus I also used found objects in creating the sealife mobile.)

Sealife Pin--

There are two variations of seahorses with this pattern pack.

Price per pattern set $4.50

Seahorse pattern alone --

Price per pattern $3.50

variation of three crocheted medium seashells
tiny crocheted angel fish

Variation of three different medium seashells--

Price per pattern set $4.50

Tiny Angel Fish--

Price per pattern $2.50

seashell applique

large crocheted seashell

Seashell Applique--

Price per pattern $2.50

Large seashell

Price per pattern $4.50

white button necklace

button and charm necklace

Button Necklace

Button and Charm Necklace

Pattern set of several different button necklaces--

Price per pattern set $3.50

blue button necklace
Button Necklace in Blues


*Freeform Crochet*

©Susan M. Whitlock

Pictures of some of my freeform crochet work. All except one necklace has a polished stone inclosed within the crochet work. There are no patterns for them...start to finish is free form.

Prices for the freeform necklaces ...... **$25.00 each, plus shipping and handling charges. Check with me first to make sure that these haven't already been sold. They are "one of a kind".

larger view of freeform necklaces

necklace 1
necklace 2
*Necklace #1
*Necklace #2
necklace 3
necklace 4
*Necklace #3
*Necklace #4
necklace 5
necklace 6
*Necklace #5
*Necklace #6