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West Patton Village Community Services District

P.O. Box 960, Herlong, CA, 96113

100 Tamarack Street

Tel: 827-3377 - Email: wpv@psln.com

Annual Report – 2013

The West Patton Village Community Services District (WPVCSD) annual report is intended to provide you with valuable community information. Many important events have occurred during the last twelve months. The District has installed 146 new water laterals and boxes.  The District has also installed a new water line and fire hydrant in the Hillcrest area. The District has met with the Lassen County Transportation Department to resurface the streets within the District.

The last service rate increase was August 2005. The monthly water rate for West Patton Village and the Hillcrest area is $45.00 and the monthly sewer rate for West Patton Village is $30.00. Included in these rates is the monthly cost of electricity for the sewer lift station, utility building, the storage building and 26 streetlights through out the District.  Payment is due the first of every month and may be mailed or delivered to the address above. We are no longer taking payments at the Credit Union.  Prompt payments are appreciated so late notices are not necessary, thus reducing administrative costs to everyone. If you receive both water and sewer service the monthly total is $75.00

If you are a homeowner renting your house, we recommend that you collect the water/sewer/streetlight payments with the rent and pay the monthly bill yourself. This payment method will insure that your bill is paid. As homeowner you are responsible for the payment. Water/sewer/streetlight payments are due even if the residence is unoccupied.
Water Conservation: Our community water usage is now metered by Herlong Public Utilities District (HPUD) and billed to WPVCSD. Water conservation saves money for our entire community. Water is valuable – don’t waste a drop. 
The Streetlights: The streetlights are charged to WPVCSD on a monthly basis. If you see a streetlight that is not working, get the number off the metal plate on the streetlight pole and the street address and call Plumas-Sierra REC at 1-800-555-2207 to report the outage.
The Herlong Volunteer Fire Department: The District is providing fire protection and emergency medical services to West Patton Village and the annexed Herlong area through the Herlong Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD). The Fire Impact Fee as established will be $.69 per square foot for residential and $1.48 per square foot for commercial construction. These Developer Fees will be for fire prevention facilities and equipment and levied on new development within the fire district. The District has set the Special Tax based on the CPI Rate and could be increased to remain constant with the inflation adjusted costs.  The current rate is $129.78 for residential parcels, $61.48 for vacant and agriculture parcels, and $27.32 for institutional and government parcels. The District Fire Chief, Grover White has a business office in Building 2067. Training of volunteers is held on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM at the HVFD Office. The HVFD has CPR Certification and 1st Aid Instructors that provide training to volunteers and the local community. The District has a total of six vehicles. The Herlong Volunteer Fire District Auxiliary is looking for volunteers to help with community service and fundraiser events. The Susanville Indian Rancheria has an annual support payment of $12,200. For more information call the Fire Department Office at (530) 827-3587.
The Herlong Library is always happy to welcome new members and has had another good year. The Library celebrated its 10th Anniversary on August 5th this year and is self supporting with the annual membership dues of $10 for family and $5 for single. The Library continues to grow and continues to receive the newest books from the Best Sellers list. Book donations are always gratefully received and the Library also offers copy service for 10 cents a copy. The Library is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. If you would like to volunteer 5 hours of your time once a month to the Community Library please call the Library at 827-2073, Mickey at 827-2932 or Edie at 827-2069.
The WPVCSD Office is located at 100 Tamarack Street. The phone number is 827-3377. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 12:00. If our telephone tree volunteers are not contacting you, prior to a PLANNED water service shut down, please call 827-3377 so that our notification list may be updated.
If you need help with water/sewer problems, contact the office at 827-3377. If you need work done on your water line inside your yard, phone the office to turn the water off. Turning the water line off/on will be a charge of $8 for personnel time. The charge for the sink snake in your home is $10 per hour, or any part of an hour. The charge for the large sewer snake is $30 per hour, or any part of an hour. This includes the labor of two personnel but does not include any digging or replacement parts. WPVCSD will bill you for services rendered. Maintenance personnel are not required to do work on private property.  A completed Customer Authorization Form is required before any work will begin.
WPVCSD also has a commercial strength drain cleaner available. Insurance restrictions mandate that only maintenance personnel utilize this drain cleaner. The charge for this is $32 total. We also have a sidewalk deicer that works very well, with a cost of $11 per quart. We recommend using Roebic Root Killer once a year to keep roots out of the sewer lines. Also, bio-degradable detergents do not "clump up" and cause blockages in the sewer lines. Some suggestions are Tide, Cheer, Bold, Gain, All or Fab detergents.
The alleyways and trash are a great concern to WPVCSD. Weeds and trash are a fire hazard to everyone in our community. Everyone needs to be a GOOD neighbor and keep the alleyways clear, clean and free of hazards. There is a 25-mile per hour speed limit in the housing area. Lassen County has established a $2000 reward "bounty" for anyone reporting illegal dumping (subject to arrest and conviction). The Herlong Dump is open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 4PM.
The WPVCSD Board of Directors meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6PM at the South Lassen Community Center, (100 Tamarack Street). The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend.
The current District personnel for WPVCSD are:


Alex McGinnis     827-3286

Mickey Matthews   827-2932

Patty Krupa             827-3193

Vivian Peterson  827- 3377

Theresa Turek      249-9447

Eula Johnson   775-233-3259

Michele Evans        827-3377



Vivian Peterson                                                            Eula Johnson

Secretary/Manager                                                      President