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Lassen County Geography

* A jaunt to Honey Lake Valley and Noble's Pass (1853)
* Lassen County Cities: Location - Maps - Zip Codes - Information - links
* Lassen County Communities: With hyper-linked maps
* Lassen County Communities, Cities, Towns and named places: With hyper-linked USGS maps
* Lassen County Maps
* Lassen County Place Names
* Lassen County Place Names: USGS National Mapping Information
* Named Summits of Lassen County
* Named Summits of Plumas County
* North Lahontan Water Region: Lassen County Water Sources
* Rainfall History of Lassen County: Weather station Susanville Airport - 40.38N 120.56W - 4143 feet above sea level.
* Sierra Bioregion: CERES - Environmental Information by Geographic Area
* Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP)
* Sierra Nevada: Getting to know the Sierra
* The Great Basin: Largest U.S. desert 190,000 square miles  - often called "High Desert" (3,000 to 6,500 feet)
* USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region
* Volcanoes of the World: Smithsonian Institution - Long Valley - Eagle Lake - Mount Lassen
* Wikipedia: Lassen County Geography