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Native Americans of Lassen County, Northern California, and Nevada

* A Paiute Legend of the Stone Mother of Pyramid Lake
* California's Native People: Anthropologic and historic references
* Honey Lake Maidu Tribe (Lassen County)
* Indians of the Great Basin: Harvey Mudd College, © 1996 by Tad Beckman
* Maidu Indian's Dedicated to the Maidu, Past, Present and Future
* Nataqua History: Susanville pioneers
* Native Americans of Nevada
* Nevada Native Story-Telling
* Paiute Ghost Dancers
* Paiute: Papoose Meadows - University of Nevada, Reno
* Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
* Sarah Winnemucca (Thocmetony; Paiute)
* Susanville Indian Rancheria (Official Web Site)