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2LT Robert Dea Peterson Jr.
WWII POW Journal - Stalag Luft 1 - Barth, Germany

429th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)
 2nd Bomb Group, 15th Air Force, Foggia, Italy
B-17F "Lydia Pinkham" - Aircraft Serial # 42-5409

In memory of Dr. Robert D. Peterson Jr. who joined the Army Air Corps on, 8 December 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. At about 11:15am on 19 December, 1943, the flight crew of the U.S. B-17 “Lydia Pinkham” [Why did he name his plane after THAT woman?] was returning to Foggia, Italy after completing their 19th combat mission. The target had been a marshalling yard at Innsbruck, Austria. 2nd Lt Peterson commanded the American “Flying Fortress”. In a written account Peterson related that his aircraft was attacked by German Focke-Wulf fighters. “They hit us on the left side and inflicted some kind of damage that caused the level of the plane to start tilting to the left--so much so that the controls to level out the wings weren't strong enough to maintain level flight.” During his captivity my father recorded a personal journal of his experiences and those of his fellow prisoners. Although sometimes cryptic, his record is also very detailed, extremely revealing, and contains the names and home addresses of dozens of his fellow Kriegies. Should you recognize a relative, or some incident recounted in these pages, please contact me via email. Email Contact

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